Cyber Support Services is a provider of IT services and solutions for companies of all sizes. We provide management, maintenance, and protection for all computers, servers, networks and data in use at your business. We are the only IT company that has been licensed by Avirtek to distribute the revolutionary AIM server to our clients.

The Avirtek AIM has multiple innovative technologies that work together to protect and manage networks, computers, applications and data regardless of size. From a small startup business to a large enterprise, the AIM can protect any business.

With us managing your IT infrastructure you can have the peace of mind needed to run your business and meet the needs of your clients without having to worry about IT problems. We provide the following to all of our clients:

  • An Avirtek AIM server that can provide:
    • Autonomous Network Protection
    • Antivirus Protection
    • Web Protection
    • Network Host Intrusion Detection System Protection
    • Network and resource monitoring
  • Support for computers, servers, networks and peripherals on site and remotely
  • Deployment and setup of computers, servers, networks software and peripherals
  • Virus/malware removal
  • After hours support